Wednesday, 20 October 2010 07:47

EatPastry "Doughs" It Again, This Time Gluten-Free Style!

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Back in February I reviewed some delicious pre-made cookie dough by EatPastry (has it really been that long?), and they've been one of my favorite vegan dessert companies ever since. However, I wasn't able to enjoy them once I gave up gluten...until they came out with a gluten-free dough!

These days my desire is low for baked goods and sugary desserts, however whenever my sweet tooth kicks in EatPastry quickly comes to mind. I love that they are made nearby Los Angeles (in San Diego) by a young couple who are passionate about making yummy vegan products. They use high quality ingredients, most of which are organic and some fair-trade.

I tried the GF dough months ago and though I really enjoyed it I didn't have time to do the review. However, when a cookie craving hit me this evening I picked up another batch and was inspired to finally share my feelings. While my emotions are best expressed in the video below, for those of you who would rather read my opinion: I really like this product. It is very tasty in dough form, but even better baked. If you follow the instructions the cookies will turn out chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, and they have just the right amount of sugar and chocolate chips. Sometimes after I eat a lot of the dough I experience a little bitter after-taste, but other than that they don't scream gluten-free or vegan.

My non-vegan friend Robin (whom you may remember from my Purely Elizabeth gluten-free muffin review) tried the cookies and dough and really liked them. She gave the cookies a 7 out of 10 (10 being the best cookie she's ever had) so that's pretty good! Robin said she wouldn't have known they were vegan or gluten-free, and she prefers it baked over raw dough straight from the container.

My only issue with EatPastry is the containers they use - they are made from a relatively safe/healthy type of plastic #5), but the downside is that it is hard to recycle. I've spoken to the owners about this a few times and they are looking into a solution, but for the time being that is their best option. To learn more about #5 plastic (aka polypropylene), check out this article on Wikipedia and for more info on how to recycle it check out Fake Plastic Fish's advice.

Here my video review - be sure to check out the cool time lapse of the cookies baking! : )
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