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Great Reasons Not to Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving (or anytime)

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I just finished writing an article for Greenwala on Save a Turkey Day: Why You Should Pardon the Bird This Thanksgiving. Within it is an excellent link to an article called The Trouble With Turkey. I highly recommend you check both out to understand the negative effects the fowl has on our health and the planet.

Long before I became a vegetarian my family raised 2 turkeys, a male and a female.
The female, named Sweetie Pie, was unfortunately killed by a coyote. The male, Friendly, lived up to his name for many years and died naturally of a heart attack. I have fond memories of him prancing around my backyard and following the family wherever they went. Fortunately my grandfather captured Friendly at his best on camera - here's a little peak of what he was like in 1991:

I realized recently that most turkeys are incredibly friendly while visiting Farm Sanctuary - it really saddens me that over 200 million of them are killed each year in the United States.

And I'm certainly not alone in this sentiment. In fact, when I asked my Facebook community why they choose not to eat turkey I received some wonderful responses. One of them stood out from all the rest - it's from my friend Lindsey Packer of Humanitaire (which is unfortunately closing permanently at the end of this year). Check out her excellent list on why she chooses not to eat turkey:
‎1. Cruel to turkeys.
2. Bad for the environment.
3. Slaughterhouses are rarely, if ever, sanitary.
4. Tryptophan-induced food comas are no fun.
5. Who really wants to spend all day cooking one of those things?
6. Who really wants to deal with disposing of the bones etc.? Ick.
7. Leftovers. Turkey sandwiches, turkey chili, turkey this, turkey that... BORING.
8. Turkey doesn't even taste good. It's basically a vehicle for gravy.
9. Cholesterol.
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