Friday, 26 November 2010 17:00

Eco-Vegan Green Friday Deals

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I hope your stomach is recovering from all the eating yesterday! Now that the stuffing is done with (pun intended), let's talk Green Friday.

First of all, I'm a big supporter of Buy Nothing Day. I believe one of the best ways to be eco-friendly is to consume less, only buying what you need. Black Friday creates a lot of unnecessary spending and anxiety - in the past I felt like I had to go shopping even if I couldn't think of anything I needed to buy. Step back from the mindset and gain some perspective.

However, Black Friday can be a good day to get deals, especially for holiday gifts, so here are a few from companies I support.
Robert Cheeke is offering 50% off of his new book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness - it's only $10 today. This is a fantastic read for anyone interested in learning how to get in or stay in shape on the plant-based diet. 
Healthy Spot in West Hollywood is having a sale. I love this privately owned pet shop - they have lots of eco-friendly products and vegan dog food. Check out my review for more info.
Humanitaire is having a going-out-of-business sale from now until they close on December 27th - all items are 40-80% off. I am super bummed, but this is a great opportunity to get some of their amazing products. They'll be open from 11am-6pm.

I only listed deals that were sent to me, so if I missed something please email me or comment below and I'll add it.

What more tips on how to be green today? Check out my post from last year.
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