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Kaeng Raeng: Start the New Year Off Right with a Natural Detox

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As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting reviews as often as I used to. This is mainly due to lack of time and energy after working on so many other projects outside of this site. I promise I'll be back to my old, yet improved self as soon as possible. I mention this now because my review for Kaeng Raeng is long overdue - I tried their products this summer and this post has been patiently waiting to be completed. However, I feel like this is a perfect time to tell you about this company because a new year is about to begin.

Kaeng Raeng is a natural, vegan detox consisting of delicious powders - simply mix them with water, drink up in place of a meal, and enjoy the health benefits. The ingredients are mainly fruit, some vegetables, soy protein (non-GMO), and vitamins. It is gluten-free, and does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners; no fillers or preservatives; and no caffeine, laxatives, or stimulants. The only semi-negative thing the powders contain is evaporated cane juice - though it is unrefined, it's not necessarily a healthy thing to have too much of. However, it is very low calorie and yet packs a big nutritional punch - there's a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every packet of powder, and it is bursting with probiotics.

The formula was developed by a young woman in Northern California, where the product is still produced today. It is a small company and they are very transparent - take a peak of their production in this video, and visit their website for answers to pretty much every question you can think of (except for the secret to their formula). As you'll see on their site, they are promoting health first and foremost - in fact, the name Kaeng Raeng is Thai for "be healthy be strong". Their detox program is meant to cleanse your body without the need for fasting or going on diet, and they believe doing it for one day is better than none.

So what did I think of it? Mainly, I liked the flavors - each packet (there were 3) had a great fresh, fruity taste that was quite impressive for being freeze dried in powder form. I only did it for 3 days, so I didn't experience much of a detox (at least not that I could sense). It was very easy, and quick - just pour into the provided bottle, add water, and shake. I tried blending it with ice too, which was good but watered it down a little, and wasn't quite necessary (aside from making it thicker and colder). Overall the packaging was pretty minimal - it comes in a cardboard box and each powder is in a light plastic wrap. I wasn't thrilled with the plastic bottle provided - though reusable and convenient due to the measuring marks on the side, I just don't like using plastic period. Check out my video for more of my thoughts:

If you want to give Kaeng Raeng a try the best way to do it is through their website. They have sample packets at $7 a pop, and several different time periods (3-6 days) and price points ($49-139) to choose from. There's even a "detox wizard" on their site to help you determine what's best for you. If you fall in love with Kaeng Raeng they have a friend referral program deal as well. Apparently their line is available in some Whole Foods, but you'll have to contact them to confirm.
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