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Eco-Vegan Daily Download: Easy Health Food, Home Solutions, & Inspirations

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Here's a new post concept I'm trying on for size: a download from my brain into yours. I have so many eco-vegan thoughts swarming through my mind all day and not enough time to write long posts on each topics, so why not give you a quick summary in hopes you'll be inspired? It's kinda like a journal of what I read, researched, ate, and want to do in the future. Since I'm testing this idea out, let me know what you think in the comment section - do you benefit from reading this?

  • I've convinced a friend to try being a vegetarian (mostly vegan) for a week. He asked me to plan out his meals for each day, so once I finish that he'll be ready to roll! We're going to do some videos so you can see how it goes - stay tuned!
  • Making my own saline solution ~ I've been using Clear Conscience cruelty-free contact solution for years, but it comes in a plastic bottle and is kinda expensive ($11-13). So I'm curious if it's safe to make my own...When I did a web search I came across a ton of information that I've yet to read into. Have you ever considered making your own contact solution? If so, what was the result?
  • Tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, salt & pepper ~ a perfect snack. Enough said.
  • Açai Topper at Jamba Juice ~ after a friend mentioned how much he loved açai I couldn't get it off my mind and found myself at Jamba Juice a few hours later buying a bowl of it. It's very rare that I go there because they're not organic, they use a ton of sugar, and I don't like using plastic containers. The Açai bowl wasn't really worth it (tasted too much like banana and blueberry), but I'm glad to know it's fully is vegan (no honey in the granola).
  • Zucchini, Carrot, Tomato Curry with Coconut Milk ~ I found this recipe after searching for something to make out of the zucchini and leftover coconut milk I had, and it was fantastic. Super easy with few ingredients, and resulted in a tasty Indian dish.
  • My bathroom faucet was leaking, so while I waited for the past few days for the repair guy to come I put a bowl in the sink to collect the drips (2-3 cups a day) and used the water to brush my teeth, wash my face, and in my neti pot. I was pretty proud of myself for finding a way to conserve water. : )
  • I've been reading snippets of "Love, Sanae" a macrobiotic book by Sanae of SEED Kitchen in Venice. This book is so informational and inspiring. I'm learning about how to control the energy that goes into and out of food while cooking it - really interesting concept.
5 Cool Things I found on the Web:
  1. The Living Kitchen ~ this is my ideal kitchen, and one of the coolest eco things I've ever seen. "There’s beauty in its practical simplicity."
  2. You may have read that Glee's Lea Michele teamed up with PETA to boycott horse carriages in NYC, but have you seen the trailer for Blinders?
  3. Dairy-Free Ice Cream Mochi at Trader Joe’s! ~ Whenever I go to TJ's (which is rare) I stare longingly at the mochi, wishing it was vegan. Guess I don't have to do that anymore!
  4. Dairy-based Plastics ~ hmmm...interesting from a green standpoint, but as a vegan I'm not comfortable with this.
  5. A New Way to Rent Movies: A USB Drive Kiosk ~ wave of the future! Although, why do this when we've got iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu?
Goals for this week:
  • Exercise! Isn't that everyone's goal for everyday? Probably. I want to do situps everyday, even if just for a few minutes, and do the alignment exercises my Cranio Sacralist assigned to me last year.
  • Respond to emails ~ I have been horribly bad at replying to emails. I have over 100 in my inbox right now waiting for a response. The more I receive the less I want to look at them, so one of these days I just need to sit down and get it done! I apologize if you're one of the people waiting for me to get back to you. : (
Things I'm Accomplishing:
  • Reading books ~ I'm at the computer most of the day, writing and reading, but I really missed making time to lay in bed and read a book. My boyfriend inspired me to schedule it into my day when he gave me his favorite sci-fi book for Christmas - now I read 30 mins to an hour every day and it feels great!
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