Sunday, 16 January 2011 21:39

Eco-Vegan Daily Download: Peanut Butter, Yams, Celebs, & New Years/York

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  • Ancient Harvest quinoa/corn pasta with nutritional yeast, olive oil, peas, carrots, corn, green beans, basil, dulse flakes, paprika, and sea salt. Very satisfying meal.
  • Yam rice (adapted from this recipe) ~ flavors and texture were a little off...
  • Baked yams with coconut oil and sea salt ~ yummmmm!
Eco-Vegan News

5 Eco-Vegan Things Worth Sharing from the Web:
  1. Why Bees Matter ~ most vegans choose not to eat honey because we care about bees, and this is a big topic of debate. I'm honestly still not sure how I feel about the matter, especially when I read about the bee crisis. We need bees to pollinate our crops and plants, otherwise we're pretty much screwed.
  2. Bring Back the Bar: Soap Flakes ~ a cool, non-wasteful way to get the most out of your bar soap. But you may not be using this if you go Soap Free.
  3. Carnival cruise line is far from vegan ~ check out this sad post my friend Lindsey at Happy Herbivore wrote about her awful experience with the ship. We should all raise our voices and express our disapproval with Carnival and let them know they should serve plant-based options.
  4. 5 Food New Year’s Resolutions ~ sure, it may be well past the typical time to make resolutions, but I believe you can make them any time of year. This article highlights a lot of things that I believe are crucial to the health of our bodies and the planet.
  5. New York City’s Plan for Sustainability ~ it's about time one of my favorite cities in the world became greener!
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