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Vegan Resources Inspired By The Mary Jones Show

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It was a pleasure to be on the Mary Jones Show this morning to speak about veganism! Mary admitted that she had some "selfish motives" and wanted to learn more about the diet in order to understand some family members she will be entertaining this weekend. She asked me some great questions and here are some resources that anyone can check out for more information.

Vegan Sources of Protein ~ here is a list of 5 foods that are animal-free and packed with amino acids, in an article I wrote for Organic Authority. This is the most popular article that I've written for them, and it comes as no surprise since it's such a common question.

Vegan Bread ~ as I explained to Mary, most breads are vegan - you just have to double check the ingredients and make sure there's no milk, eggs, cheese, or honey. Most breads are made from water, flour, and yeast (occasionally oils and sugar are added), which is all vegan.

When cooking for vegans the best thing you can do is make them feel part of the group as opposed the people with the weird diet. Make dishes that everyone can enjoy, perhaps don't even tell anyone that they're vegan (aside from the actual vegan). There are a bunch of common foods that are naturally vegan (guacamole for example) and plenty of popular dishes that can be adapted to look and taste the same way the would with meat or dairy.

If you're looking for vegan recipes, check out my new website Eco-Vegan Food, which is in Beta right now. I'm moving all of my recipes from this site to that one to make them easier to find and categorize. Since I don't have many and I'm not a chef, I have a great list of other sites to check out for more delicious vegan food.

Mary mentioned that a cardiologist on her show said that the vegan diet is the healthiest way to eat - YIPEE! While I agree for the most part, it's also important to know that they are unhealthy vegan foods. As with any lifestyle, it's all about moderation - think of faux meats (usually made with soy, gluten, oils, and salts) and sweets as occasional treats. When I first went vegan I went overboard with all of these foods because I was so excited to find plant-based alternatives like BBQ ribs and non-dairy ice creams, but these days I focus more on 
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