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Bi-Rite Creamery: One of the Best Vegan Ice Creams I've Had

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One of my favorite aspects of living in a new city is exploring all vegan options, even at non-vegetarian establishments, and San Francisco is full of them! I would say at least 50% of the time I check out a menu I spot the word "vegan" and almost every time I see something I can easily veganize. Tonight after spending some time in Dolores Park I decided to stop by Bi-Rite Creamery and see if the vegan option I read about was worth getting. The flavor was Chocolate Coconut and since the line to order was out the door I figured I had pretty good odds. Boy was I right.

First of all, Bi-Rite gets major points for having a non-sorbet vegan option (though they do have a pretty tasty looking rhubarb sorbet right now, and popsicles). And it's not something boring like chocolate or vanilla, it's Chocolate Coconut (which is marked as vegan on the menu and the ice cream case). AND, it's coconut milk based instead of soy = SCORE! I ordered one scoop (aka kid sized), which was $2.25, and it came in a biodegradable cup with a biodegradable spoon (turns they are a green business and even have a recycling and compost bin outside). Their ingredients are organic and sourced locally whenever available and nothing artificial is used. They also used metal spoons for tasting, so no plastic is wasted.

So how was it? Um - little short of AMAZING! Smooth, creamy, rich. I added some toasted almonds on top for extra crunch and flavor - great decision. I can easily say this is one of the best vegan ice creams I've had outside of the freezer section. In fact, I think all the local vegan restaurants should sell this if they don't make their own, otherwise I'll be going there instead for dessert. And they score extra points for being eco. Now I know why there's always a line out the door (PS - you can get a pint to go if you don't feel like waiting).

Oh, and there's a Bi-Rite natural market across the street which is pretty darn great. They sell local, organic food with a nice vegan selection. I bought some delicious berries, herbs, and a fantastic local pasta sauce there. San Francisco rocks. That is all.

Hours: 11am - 10pm or 11pm (depends on day)
Address: 3692 18th Street San Francisco CA
Phone: 415.626.5600

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