Tuesday, 16 August 2011 18:44

Q&A: Where to Buy Tofu in Bulk in San Francisco

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Question: Do you know where in SF or East Bay I can buy organic tofu that isn't wrapped in plastic? Asian markets sell tofu in bulk bins but they're likely not organic. I've asked Hodo Tofu and they don't offer that option in stores.  If you have any leads, please let me know. Trying to cut down on my plastic waste. ~ Mary

The only place I know that has for sure it is Rainbow Grocery in the Mission. They sell an organic tofu for $3.55 lb called Hodo Soy, which is handmade locally in Oakland. Talk about eco-vegan! It's in the refrigerated bulk section across from the olive bar in the back of the store, kept with the nuts/miso/pasta.
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