Sunday, 13 December 2009 02:09

How the neti pot changed my life

Almost exactly 2 months ago I wrote a post about getting my allergies under control naturally. At the time I was excited to see an improvement with my allergy symptoms (running nose, itchy eyes, facial swelling), but I wasn't convinced it would last. I've had awful allergies for about 5 years and had never found a natural remedy...until now. My allergies have cleared up by about 95%, which is huge. And all it took was a twice a day routine with the neti pot: warm water and salt.

Wednesday, 04 November 2009 11:49

Natural cold remedies

I recently got a cold for the first time in years. I figured it was my body's way of telling me I needed to rest more, slow down, and eat better. 

Here are some products I used as remedies to beat the coughing, sniffling, headaches, body chills, and dry lips & nose. I found most of them at Whole Foods.
Friday, 16 October 2009 13:40

Allergies under control, naturally

I've had bad allergies since I moved to L.A. (go figure). For years I tried every pill, powder, and spray on the market. I consulted several doctors and gave acupuncture a try. And nothing worked. Still awful headaches, sneezing, and running nose. So I gave up and used Flonase for several months, which was the only things that made a difference. However, I always felt guilty about it because it's a steroid with who-knows-what long term effect on my body. My chance to give it up came when my insurance ended, and instead of $20 a pop for Flonase it would cost $130!

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