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Jack Russell tips

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While these tips don't pertain to anything eco-friendly or vegan, here are some things I read in the book: "Your Happy Healthy Pet: Jack Russell Terrier" (2nd Edition) by Catherine Romaine Brown.

  • While playing: "it is wise not to encourage too much tug of war, because these dogs can develop an attitude of always wanting to be the winner, which may encourage behavior that is too assertive."
  • "This is not a dog who can be crated for long hours and left alone. It is, in fact, cruel to crate a JRT for more than an hour or two."
  • "Because of their enormous need for activity, Jack Russell Terriers are often misunderstood and even rejected. They can easily become unruly without good human leadership."
  • "Most behavior problems can be handled by extensive exercise. Exercise can help soften their zealous nature and single-mindedness"
  • "Do make sure the dog always knows it is your bed...and that they must never be bossy while in your "lair""
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