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How to transition your dog to a vegan diet

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One of my favorite resources for vegan dog information is It's A Vegan Dog's World. The blog has profiles of vegan dogs and info on the owners' experiences. One of my favorite things to read is how they transitioned their dogs to a vegan diet. Most of them had no problem switching, but here are some tips:
  • "I had a couple days worth of meat based dry food left, started mixing in the Natural Balance and within 1 week my dogs were vegan"
  • "We started by feeding her a mixture of vegetables and nuts chopped finely in the food processor with a raw egg added at the end. After a couple weeks, she stopped eating the egg, so we stopped offering it."
  • "I initially added rice and veggies to Carmen's meat pellets in the evening. She eventually refused to eat her breakfast unless it also had rice and veggies in it. I started making her vegan meals once or twice a week, and then switched over to only vegan meals."
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