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Vegan dog controversy

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There is a LOT of controversy around feeding dogs a vegan diet. But, as you can see from this site, there are a lot of resources and testimonials showing that it is very healthy for some dogs.

Today I came across this thread on Yahoo called, "How can I help stop vegan dog food?". It made me so sad because it was so opinionated. Even though I'm really passionate about vegan dog food, I would never go as far as to try to ban meat based dog food (although I think most commercial dog food is awful). I'm even willing to change Evie's diet if she doesn't do well on it. So what about the other way around? Why won't someone want to try a vegan diet for their pet if there's research that says it's healthier?

After reading that post I found some great information on the International Vegetarian Union site:
  • "although neither is a vegan by nature -- dogs are omnivores, and cats are carnivores. While both dogs and cats belong to the class carnivora, this doesn't mean a lot, so does the panda bear which is near vegan."
  • "By nature cats and dogs wouldn't eat anything like what is commonly found in a can of pet food either"
  • "Not only is it POSSIBLE to feed most cats and dogs a non-meat diet, it is also DESIRABLE. Buying "normal" pet food is supporting the same meat industry with its attendant cruelty, exploitation, waste, and environmental damage that veganism is so opposed to."
  • "This is not a matter of "imposing your beliefs" on your pets (or companion animals, or whatever you call them) since you are not forcing them to eat it and you are not stopping them eating local wildlife on their wanderings round the neighbourhood."
  • "Secondly, the whole act of feeding it from a tin (as opposed to letting it find food for itself) is unnatural, so you might as well make the best of it. Thirdly, the actual contents of the tins of commercial pet food bear no resemblance to what a cat/dog would eat in the wild anyway"
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