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A long overdue update on Evie

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My apologies once again for a major delay in posting. I have been working on my main site, Eco-Vegan Gal, full-time and it's been taking a lot of work. However, I think about this blog all the time and have felt so guilty for not updating it. I have a ton of product reviews to share with you and I promise they will be up ASAP.

At almost 8 months, Evie has been thriving on the vegan diet. I continue to come up against speculation and arguments, but she is literally living proof that dogs can be very healthy vegans. About a month ago I moved her from making her kibble with VegeDog to packaged V-Dog, and she not only loves it be it seems to be better on her digestive tract. Her bowel movements have been very regular and firm - when she was on VegeDog it was much looser and watery. I do continue to add a sprinkle of VegeDog to her food, along with Cranimals Whole-Food Antioxidant Urinary Tract Support. Evie continues to have very little gas, has tons of energy (typical for a Jack Russell) and is at a great weight (I think she's full-grown now at around 12 lbs).

I'm going to do a seperate post for all of the different vegan treats Evie has tried. Aside from boxed goods, she loves carrots, dried cherries, and nori.

Evie's favorite toys are by Simply Fido and I love them because they are very eco. She also loves to play Zoo Active puzzles.

Pretty Pee Pads have saved me so much waste, but I admit they take a lot of extra work because you have to wash them. However, it's worth it because I don't have to deal with the guilt of constantly throwing away newspaper or pee pads. I use Everyday Stain & Odor Remover | Earth Friendly Products if she has mistakes on the floor.

I love Evie's Dublin Dog collar - it's cute and easy to clean. Though, I only use it when leaving her outside at a friends or a dog park because I use her Doggles harness for walks (that's been really durable)

The main staple of walks have been Bio Bags for waste. I'm still amazed that so many people use plastic grocery bags to pick up after their dogs, especially when Bio Bags are all over the place and aren't that expensive. Spread the word!

To keep fleas away, I use J and J's Flea & Tick Potion and, give her PetGuard Yeast and Garlic, and bathe her in Olive green dog lavendar shampoo.

Dr. Armaiti May continues to be an amazing vet and I highly recommend her if you're in the L.A. area. She spayed Evie and did a fantastic job, and was available for advice when I had some panicky puppy moments. I love having a vet who knows all about the vegan diet for pets.
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