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Vegan supplements and condiments

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Evie's diet is going very well - she looks and acts like any other Jack Russell terrier (although I like to think she's extra smart). You can read more details about my experience with her in general by clicking here, but today's post is about supplements and condiments.

I'm currently feeding Evie V-Dog, one of the most well-known vegan dog foods. My vet, Dr. Armaiti May, recommends and stands behind their products, and as far as I know it's a very complete food. However, I've been adding some supplements to her food everyday for added nutrition.
  1. VegeDog. When Evie was younger I made own kibble with the VegeDog supplement, but now that I've switched her to V-Dog I simply added a sprinkle of it to each bowl of food. V-Dog is meant for adult dogs, so the VegeDog adds a little extra nutrition for puppies.
  2. Cranimals. This berry extract adds antioxidants that help fight off urinary problems, has the potential to defend against disease and againg. Plus, it adds a little more flavor.
  3. Raw Dog Yummy Sprinkles. This product is a condiment, but it also provides additional vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is made from organic vegetables, fruits and sprouted seeds, so it adds a little variation and extra flavor to the meal.
While it's hard to tell if Evie really likes any of these products, she does finish every bowl of food and is looking great. I'm also not sure how much of a difference they make, but she is full of energy and clearly a very happy dog!
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