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5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies in A Glass: Macro Greens Review

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Product review by EvG team member Kelly O’Brien: 

Before Macro-Life Naturals sent me their products to review, I knew absolutely nothing about the company. A big box arrived at my doorstep and inside was a container labeled 'Macro-Greens'. Macro-Greens is a powdered formula that you scoop into a glass of water or juice, mix and the benefits are almost too good to be true...yet they are! Macro-Greens consists of certified organic barley greens and "a multiple system photo-nutrient herbal blend" (their words) that includes 18 Billion probiotics. I was ready to stabilize my blood sugar while gaining a whole lot of energy, so, put away all of my 'greens' supplements and savored this delicious drink every day! It's pretty incredible when you really start to realize the long list of benefits. Yes, it is gluten-free as well which was an extra added bonus.

macro greens

For a typical review I would try the product for about two weeks, giving descriptive insight into what my palette experienced. This review I approached differently. Rather than just me trying the product, I decided to take several cups of Macro-Greens mixed with ice cold water to a local hospital in Chicago, Northwestern Memorial Medical Center. I decided to stand in the lobby and ask people to try it as if I was selling it. I wanted to hear the feedback and see the people's faces as they swallowed this goodness.

Let's talk about my reaction first. I did not like Macro-Greens the first day I tried it. Why? I thought it had a 'grass-like' taste and found it strange but drinkable. This is how I felt when I first started trying many new fruits after going primarily vegan. I knew I needed to give this a chance so,

  • by Day tastebuds were adjusting and Macro-Greens was growing on me. I prefer a scoop in my morning breakfast smoothie including coconut water, blueberries and half a banana. OK, now we are talking. This is really good. 
  • By the 7th day of drinking Macro-Greens daily, my skin felt more supple. My 'dry skin' was pretty much gone - GONE. I didn't see this 'effect' coming but I liked it so I increased my use of Macro-Greens to twice a day
  • By Day 10, I felt more energy throughout the day. I have adrenal fatigue so when I feel any boost of energy, it is obvious. It was obvious and welcome. 
  • Day 15, I noticed my stomach bloat was gone and I was liking what I was seeing. Macro-Life, thank you for making this formulation.....I am loving this!!!!!!
  • Day 17, I LOVE MACRO-GREENS!!! This is no longer a product review but a long term consumer enjoying her new find!!!

macro greens smoothie

As for my social experiment at the hospital: 14 passerby's took a drink of Macro-Greens in the lobby of Northwestern Memorial Medical Center in Chicago. All 14 of them liked the product; how rare is that?!?! A few of the comments which I jotted down were as follows:

  • " that is refreshing", 
  • "Hmmm, that is so interesting. Can I take another? You know, I like it...I really like that", 
  • "This is so good, I need to do this more often. My diet is so terrible", 
  • "Ooo yum, can I have a get a container or buy a glass"?

I wasn't able to make the young lady a glass of Macro-Greens because I was saving the rest of the product for myself! I did though smile at all of the positive feedback and I was really taken a back (to be frank) that not one person out of the 14 did not dislike the product at all.

I am a permanent supporter of Macro-Greens. I myself have always had a hard time getting in the proper 'green' nutrients I need to consume each day. Macro-Greens takes the guess work out of 'how to balance your pH levels' and 'how to alkalize'. Macro-Greens makes taking care of my health incredibly simple while taking out the guess work of 'ratios' of veggies I need to consume each day. It is for those reasons that I will continue to drink Macro-Greens each and every morning! Thank you Macro Life Naturals for being so precise while focusing on such a great taste as well.

If you want to try Macro-Greens, I encourage you too! You will feel revitalized and you will not just 'feel healthier', you will BE healthier!!!!

Please go to their website to read about the benefits, then try out a container to boost your energy and glow! Their mission is based on health and they have an incredible amount of integrity.


Kelly O’Brien is the brand owner of ‘Snapshots of Wellness’ at and writer for a large host of websites such as, Wellness Revolution, Café Truth & Natural Health Magazine! She is also a well known Chicago blogger promoting a primarily plant based lifestyle combined with her own perspective on wellness!

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