Thursday, 24 September 2009 20:40

"The carbon pawprint: Couple serves up green dividends for planet with vegan diet for pet"

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  • "Day and his wife, Wendy Gabbe Day, now have two female dogs, Sugar and Kahlua, ages 13 and 7, both firmly within the genetic order carnivora, both without meat or dairy products in their diet. Their latest pet food from a national manufacturer includes pearled barley, potatoes, green peas, bran, oatmeal, spinach and parsley."
  • "An Australian carbon offsets firm estimated that a typical developed-world dog accounts for about 1.75 tons of carbon emissions a year...when it comes to food, much of that impact comes from feeding, processing and transporting cows, chickens, pigs and other livestock to the plate -- or bowl"
  • "Vegetarian pet food is popular in heavily vegetarian India"
  • (Pets) "can "thrive on a vegetarian diet," the (National Academy of Sciences) committee said, as long as it's supplemented with vitamin D and contains sufficient plant protein from grains and vegetables."
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