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"Pros and Cons of Vegan Dog Food"

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This is an article from Bright Hub.

"If you want to try a vegan dogfood, choose a feed that has been labeled by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and avoid homemade diet recipes that lack nutrition facts. After a month or two with the new diet, assess your pet’s weight, skin, coat, energy level and stool volume and consistency."

  • "bacterial contamination, which can and often occurs with meat ingredients. This contamination could cause a disease in your pet. Also, if your pet has allergies to certain meats, a vegan diet may provide a safe alternative."
  • "When creating a dog food without meat, it becomes challenging to ensure that the proper amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals are in it. Often manufacturers have to incorporate synthetic ingredients simply to meet the nutrition requirements"
  • "Synthetic substitutes are expensive and might not be processed by the dog’s body as effectively as the real thing. You can also never be too sure how nutritious a vegan dog food recipe is."
  • "Your dog also has a short intestinal tract, which is not meant to process diets high in plants."
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