Wednesday, 13 January 2010 18:07

Happy New Year!

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I apologize for the lack of posts in the last month - I have been very busy! Running 2 blogs, having a puppy, and making a living is a lot of work! However, rest assured that I have lots of great videos and written tips to share with you this year!

A quick update on Evie - she's 4 1/2 months now and thriving on the vegan diet. She met up with her sister during the holidays and Evie's coat is much softer! I'm still feeding her Vegedog kibble and she loves watching me make it.

I have a bunch of videos in store for you, featuring:

Vegan dog food by:
  • Harbingers of a New Age (Vegedog)
  • home-made food with Sanae Suzuki
  • Tykies
  • V-Dog
Vegan dog treats by:
  • Andean Dream
  • Boston Baked Bonz
  • Cloud Star
  • Max and Ruffy
  • Onesta
  • Polar Pups
  • Raw Dog Action
  • STAM
  • Want a Cookie
  • Wet Nose
Vegan dog supplements by:
  • Cranimals
  • Flying Basset
Vegan dog cookbooks:
  • It's a Vegan Dog's Life
  • Simple Little Vegan Dog Book
Eco dog accessories by:
  • Bio Bag
  • Doggles
  • Dublin Dog
  • Eco-Hound/Pretty Pee Pads
  • Flush Doggy
  • Olive green dog
  • Premier
Eco dog toys by:
  • Doggles
  • Nina Ottosson
  • West Paw
Vegan vet visits with Dr. Armaiti May
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