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New "vegan" dog food from The Humane Society!

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This is fantastic news - cruelty-free, almost vegan dog food, and it's made by the Humane Society! It is sold in PETCO and Whole Foods! What a huge step!

On the front page they say, "Your Choice: Respect & Humanely Treat All Animals; To Help Eliminate Factory Farming". The home page says, "we celebrate dogs every day, and we know that what we feed them has an impact of their healthy and quality of life." And, "we Americans care more than ever about the food we makes sense that we should extend that concern to the food we provide to the dogs in our lives." Amen!
Humane Choice is organic, no GMOs, no wheat, no corn. They do use soy, and there is a possibility that some of the micronutrients come from animal-based sources. So, it's not entirely vegan. However, a rep said, they are "researching to find out how we can get [nutrients] w/o animal based sources"
This food is not appropriate for puppies (I suggest Vegedog)
They have a great F.A.Q. section, so be sure to check that out. There is a bit of a controversy around the fact that it is made in Uruguay, and they address that on the page. Mainly, people are upset because it's made so far away from the United States, which is an environmental issue. I can definitely see the point, but I understand why HSUS made that choice.
HSUS will apply six percent of the wholesale cost of the dog food toward animal veterinary care, rescue, and undercover investigations.
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