Saturday, 17 July 2010 19:16

Flea control: update

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Since my last post on natural flea treatment, I'm happy to report that my efforts have been successful! While the fleas aren't gone entirely yet, I'm only seeing one or two a day on Evie right now. I check her a few times a day by combing through her coat, pulling off fleas if I see them (and putting them in soapy water), and spraying her with J&J's Natural Flea & Tick Potion. I also stopped taking her to the dog park, which is sad for both of us, but we've been taking nice long walks instead - I'm sure she misses playing with other dogs though...

The diatomaceous earth seems to be working. I have been sprinkling it on the carpet and furniture when I see a few fleas, and then after a couple days I vacuum it  up. But I think the best solution is to check for fleas with a comb, use the natural spray, and keep the home clean.
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