Companion Animals

Companion animals (aka pets) bring great joy to our lives, and they too can benefit from an eco-vegan makeup to reduce their carbon footprints. For instance, dogs can safely and effectively eat a vegan diet (yep, there's research to back this up). The following posts offer up advice, resources and product recommendations from Whitney and companion animal experts like vets and specialists.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:50

Fellow vegan dog blogs

I found out that two of the great vegan peeps I follow on Twitter have vegan dog blogs too!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 12:39

Organic Vegan Dog Treats!

While Googling "vegan jack russell" I came across an exciting site. Not only do they make Organic Vegan Dog Treats, but they're from my old stomping ground, aka Boston!

Boston Baked Bōnz is a unique company of imaginative artisan/bakers offering tasty and healthy baked goodies and gift baskets for the wonderful doggies that share and enrich our lives. We hand bake delicious batches of organic vegan dog treats for the dogs in your lives!
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