Wednesday, 21 September 2011 10:33

Vegan Donut Shop Opening in NYC!

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image from Dun-Well

Despite all of my passion for health and gluten-free, sugar-free living, I admit I can not resist a vegan doughnut. Perhaps it's a good thing that they're hard to find, but that's slowly changing. San Francisco has Pepples, Las Vegas has Ronalds, Seattle has Mighty O', New Jersey has Cinnamon Snail, and now New York may have has Dun-Well!

Update: Dun Well's has opened! If you'd like to see vegan donuts in the New York area, consider donating some money to Dun-Well's fundraising campaign - they're trying to reach $15,000 and so far they've raised $2,000. This company has been doing whole-sale for a while, but now they want to open a retail shop in Brooklyn. With 54 days to go I don't see that being a problem, but every dollar helps bring sugary, carby vegan treats to the New York masses. Sure, it's not helping us vegans get any healthier, but it's a big step for those that eat non-vegan donuts on a regular basis. Now, if they can craft an amazing gluten-free, unrefined sugar (stevia sweetened?!) donut I will immediately move to NYC like I've been planning to!

You can also get your vegan donut fix in NYC by visiting BabyCakes

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