Eat (Food)

Let's face it, even though being vegan and eco-friendly encompasses your entire life, you're most interested in the food. But finding and making delicious healthy, compassionate and ethical meals can be challenging, especially if you're brand new to this way of living. Eco-Vegan Gal is here to help you navigate the water, sharing her favorite finds and best resources in the following sections.

I've been writing articles for Healthy Bitch Daily for a few months and they give me the greatest assignments. I love researching the topics, and my most recent contribution is one of my favorites. HBD asked me to write about hexane in veggie burgers, and what I found was shocking. Before you bite into another piece of soy, please read this. I list some companies that make soy-free (and some gluten-free) burgers in the article.

Other pieces I have written for them:

Healthy Bitch Daily is the brainchild of Kim Barnouin, Co-Author of Skinny Bitch. The site is a fantastic resource on health and beauty with a cheeky twist. You can subscribe to their daily feed/email newsletter, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.

Please read my health disclaimer

I am on another health mission/journey/experiment: greatly reduce the amount of oil I consume, or eliminate it all together. This topic will be elaborated in another post - I have a lot more research to do. In summary, many people that I trust have explained that oil is actually not that good for us, even olive oil. This may seem strange, since olive oil is something most people think is very healthy - turns out that might not be so true. Like most things, moderation is key, though some people believe we shouldn't eat oil at all. My friends Lex & Kristen have a great blog called The Healthy Vegans where they discuss this more in detail - most of their diet is based on Dr. McDougall. You can also check out Exsalus Health & Wellness. Again, I will do a well-reseached post soon and let you know more.