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Raw vegan dogs

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I know a few people who feed their dogs raw vegan food, and they rave about the health benefits.

Here are some resources:
  • "We're already transitioning our dog to a raw vegan diet, and she is doing beautifully on it. She loves her food."
  • "Dogs are easy. Natural omnivores, their bodies are fully capable of thriving on plant foods. We don't even have to supplement with them, we just have to take extra care in making sure their diet is varied"
  • "I no longer feel I can provide my pets with anything remotely close to their natural diet - as they are not in their natural setting. So no matter which route I take (meat based / plant based) it is going to be unnatural."
  • "I'm not opposed to the eating of raw meat for carnivores (which people are not). It's not the idea of my dog eating an animal that gets me ... it is strictly the fact that the animal hanging out of my pets mouth was specifically raised for such a purpose. That's disgusting to me. Severely disgusting!"
  • "In an ideal world, no, this isn't what my pets would naturally gravitate towards ... but, having been domesticated, the "natural world" was taken away from them, so we are trying to make do with what we have. If my pets can be healthy, happy, thriving creatures with NO suffering involved for any other creature ... then, you know what, I'm going to take it. It's the best we can do."
  • "It's great to give our pets as much organic raw veggies and fruits as they want. They don't chew their food well, so it's smart to blend it in a food processor or Vita-Mix. You can soak almonds overnight in water (or for just a couple hours), rinse well, and then blend them into a mix of romaine, celery, carrots, and broccoli, or any other veggies you discover that they like."
  • "Dogs usually love many types of fruit: pear, apple, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, banana, avocado, papaya, and mango. To facilitate your pet's digestion and assimilation, you should mash the fruits or chop them finely. In my experience dogs do better on veggies than on fruit, so I only give fruit occasionally rather than daily."
  • "It became apparent to me that my dog had to be allergic to the wheat in the dry food and dog treats. His skin became very dry, and he was constantly itching (somewhat common in small long-haired dogs). The skin problem ended a month after he was placed on whole, fresh, 100% organic blended produce."
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